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Wax and Paraffine: Overview Lab devices

You want to examine wax and paraffin deposition?

Use our knowledge and experience on laboratory instruments for wax appearance and deposition!

Cold Finger - Determine wax depositions the classic way in a batch

Wax Flow Loop - Determine wax deposition at dynamic flow conditions

Pour Point - Measure Pour Point / No-Flow Point with high accuracy in a wide temperature range

Wax Deposition: Cold Finger CF15

• Convincing, very convenient handling
• 15 measuring places for simultaneous tests
• Very low (~80 ml) and reusable sample amount
• Samples can be separately removed during a test
• Highly precise measurings with weight-calibrated cold finger cells
• Software for documentation

Product page Cold Finger


Wax Deposition: Wax Flow Loop WL

• Examine wax-, paraffin- and asphaltene sedimentations
• Small sample volumes from 100 ml
• Exchangeable model pipeline
• Real-time charts
• Fully automated with integrated PC

Product page Wax Flow Loop

No-Flow Point: Pour Point Tester

• Determination of No-Flow Point and Pour Point acc. ASTM D5985
• Examination of Pour Point Depressants and Flow Improvers
• Wide temperature range of -45 .. +150 °C (-49 .. 300 °F)
• High accuracy and reproducibility (0.1 - 0.2 °C)
• Easy data storage, visualization and export

Product page Pour Point Tester
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