Lab instruments for oil and gas. Made in Germany.

Company History

2023Delivery of the newly developed mobile Differential Scale Loop 415: 1. Differential Scale Loop as a mobile device in a case for use on site
2022Live presentations of our laboratory equipment in high quality are possible since then
2019We celebrate 20 years of PSL Systemtechnik


Preparations for launching another new products - more information will soon follow

2016Finalist of the Lower Saxonian Foreign Trade Award 2016


We are enlarging. Moving to Osterode am Harz in the middle of the company: our quality assurance with 100 % testing
 We now also measure on your behalf. We use our experience and our instruments and start with an own service laboratory


Introduction of H2S Analyzer - Patented measurement method to analyze H2S-content of crude oils, especially Bitumen and heavy oils in temperature ranges up to 200 °C
2013Acquired customers from all top 5 companies in the oil industry


Introduction of Cold Finger CF15 - Revolutionary redesign of the established measurement principle to stipulate wax contents in oils
Introduction of Gashydrate Autoclave GHA 350 - Pressure range up to 350 bar and 3 cameras

 Innovation support for patented H2S Analyzer by the "Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand des BMWi (ZimSolo)"


Introduction of Sapphire-glass Rocking Cell RCS - First commercial system for gas hydrate research of anti-agglomerants with full-view cells

 Second place in the contest for the Volksbank Innovation Award for the development of the sapphire-glass Rocking Cell RCS


Introduction of Rocking Cell RC5 - First commercial system for analyzing kinetic gashydrate inhibitors

 Acquired customers on all 5 continents
2008Start of sales partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific (thermostats and viscosimeter)


Introduction of Dynamic Stability Loop DySL - First commercial system for analyzing long-time stability of oilfield chemicals

 Opening of the US-agency


Introduction Turbulence Rheometer - First commercial system for analyzing drag reduction agents in pipelines


Introduction of Flocculation Tester FT5 - Measurement of asphaltene flocculation in dark, undiluted crude oils under simulated deposit conditions up to 700 bar and 200 °C


Introduction of improved Pour Point Tester PPT 45150 - Enhanced temperature range from -45 to +150 °C
Introduction of Differential Scale Loop DSL - First commercial system to analyze scales in pipelines with three HPLC-Pumps

 Change of company form to GmbH 


Introduction of Gashydrate Autoclave GHA 200 - First lab instrument for analyzing gas hydrate formation


Introduction of Pour Point Tester PPT 25150 - Unique portable Pour Point Tester

 Innovation support by the European Union Fund for regional development (EFRE)


Introduction of Viscosity Measuring Site VM3080 - Unique portable rotational viscosimeter

 Founding of PSL Systemtechnik OHG in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany


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