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Cold Finger CF15

Wax Content Testing - For professionals the new standard in the laboratory

The laboratory instrument Cold Finger is an old acquaintance for those who examine the wax deposition and content of crude oil and condensate.
The Cold Finger CF15 by PSL Systemtechnik improved the established method in its operation. Besides an extended temperature range compared to water baths it offers pressurized measurements and provides measurement recording by Software. Many options and its modular design of the lab instrument allows to adapt the Cold Finger CF15 exactly to your needs.



  • Convincing improved handling
  • 15 measuring places for simultaneous tests and shorter measuring times
  • Samples can be separately removed during a test
  • Highly precise measurings with weight-calibrated cold finger cells
  • Software for documentation


  • Determine wax content and paraffine deposition 
  • Measure wax appearance temperature (WAT) 
  • Developement of inhibitors
  • Optimisation of inhibitor concentrations
  • Quality control

The PSL Coldfinger CF 15120 is equipped with up to 15 measuring places for multi-place testing. Combining multiple cold fingers in one heating bath facilitates screenings on wax inhibitors, e.g. simultaneous testing of different chemicals on a single sample or testing of different inhibitor concentrations with the same sample. The Cold Finger can be run with separate temperature control and stirring speed for each rack of 5 measuring places, thus reducing full test procedure for a single sample immanently. The dry bath allows a precise temperature control up to +120 °C / +248 °F.


Measuring Principle

The wax deposition depends on many different influences. Not only the wax appearance temperature (WAT) is important but also the total wax content or the shear effect on deposition. For an examination of these parameters the Cold Finger setup can be used. The Cold Finger is simulating the temperature difference, a cooled part (finger) is inserted into the stirred and heated oil. The contained waxy components start to precipitate on the surface of the cold finger cell. By weighing the deposition after a time at a set temperature, the deposition rate can be calculated. The final amount of deposition gives the total wax content.
Depending on the treatment of the sample the WAT may vary. The wax deposition rate depends not only on the finger temperatures, but on sample temperature and stirring speed, too.

Our Solution

Use the modern way to measure wax deposition with the multi-place Cold Finger.
The Cold Finger by PSL Systemtechnik makes it possible. With the Cold Finger CF 15120 the behavior of up to 15 samples can be monitored simultaneously for quick screening and analysis.
Run your test with different temperatures and stirrer speeds in one test run. Remove the cold finger cells separately to monitor deposition vs. time effects.


The Simple Handling is Convincing

The Test Run

Three drawers with 5 measuring places each are set in a robust aluminum-frame.
The drawers can be easily pulled. Insert the filled sample bottles to the measuring places and lower the cold finger cells into the sample. Adjust the test conditions either directly at the instrument or via software and start the experiment.
After the test is finished you pull the rack out again. Push the cold finger up to its holding bracket. You can just pull off the cold finger cell with the wax deposits. This is easy, as the knurl at the upper, dry rim of the cell is used as gripping surface. You can then weigh the cell and with the software you can save the weight of the wax deposit.


Further Advantages

The cold finger cells are all calibrated with a deviation of < 0,01 g. So the cells can be arbitrarily changed between the measuring places and need not be weighed before a test to determine the tare weight.
The drawers with their integrated temperature control enable the removing of single samples during a test. Thus you can determine the time-behavior of deposits for one sample or start different tests separately. The low sample amounts of max. 75 ml helps to save test material.
Every rack has its own temperature control, so samples can be tested simultaneously under different conditions. With the high precision balance exact results can be provided with a relative measuring accuracy of 0,01 g.


The Software

By using the Cold Finger with a PC and the software WinCFC you can control the temperature via PC and directly save the measuring data of the balance. The software controls the thermostat, the dry bath controllers and the balance. With the Software you can set the required parameters, which are documented for a test run. You can record single measurements or several measurements in an interval and evaluate the recorded data later. Interval measurements enable the observation of the wax deposits behavior over time or at different temperatures in one test run.

Futhermore we can adapt the Cold Finger to your requirements.

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