Lab instruments for oil and gas. Made in Germany.

Accessories and options

Foam Tester FOA 1015

Additional test cell
  • Benefit: More capacity and testing with different parameters (except temperature) possible
  • max. 1x possible
  • 1x Test cell with pressure and temperature sensor
  • 1x Flow meter with flow controller
  • 1x Set of diffusors with different pore sizes
  • 1x Spare part set
PC system
  • Benefit: Tested PC with all necessary connectors for Plug&Play
  • Windows PC
  • Monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Country-specific power plugs
  • Software WinFoam included and pre-installed
  • Benefit: Direct software control and measurement of foam carried out
  • Precision balance with large weighinig range, accuracy 0,01 g, RS232 port
  • cable for data transfer via software WinFoam
  • Country-specific power plug
Test cell holder
  • Benefit: Easy handling, filling and storage of test cells
  • Holder for up to two test cells
  • The test cell components can be placed and handled seperately
  • Cleaning and Filling of test cell and exchange of diffusor is made easier
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